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The Problem

The Dentist is overwhelmed to the extent they did not realise they were subsidizing the NHS patient’s service.

Unable to continue with the demands and limitations of the NHS contract – clinical and non-clinical.

  • Dissatisfied patients despite her commitment
  • Stressed staff
  • Family life and physical and mental health suffering
  • Frightened about losing NHS pension
  • Knew they had one real chance at this

If she was not there, she did not earn but still huge overheads due to increasing regulations and operational costs.

Unhappy clinicians are unable to deliver their skills under the contracts to give the best offering.

Did not want to keep NHS and then have to sell private dentistry to them.

Constantly worried about having an accident or illness that prevented them from working.

Frightened of confrontation with patients when having the conversion conversation.


Completed a risk assessment for conversion.

  • Coached mindset for change
  • Agreed to use a membership plan
  • Created a membership plan that would work for the business, the associate, the patient
  • Facilitated choice of plan provider
  • Prepared the team with a change management programme
  • Constructed a communication policy
  • Trained all the team on the benefits to patients getting the buy in of all
  • Managed the project in terms of timings, deliverables, targets.
  • Remained on site for the first two days of conversion for full support of workflow and tweakments for results
  • Weekly accountability calls
  • Team incentives


The practice reached 120% of the target and created a waiting list.

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"I have to say, I had a zero intention of making a conversion to private from my mixed practice when first consulting Jayne. I was doing more than OK and it provided for my family…”

Dr Dave Stone - Keynsham



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