The Jayne Sproson Method – The ultimate treatment plan to transform your business

We accelerate your success and profits – you are unique and your solutions should be too, hence all commissions are bespoke – once size fits all does not belong here.

We promise to always leave you in a better place than where we found you. Our tried and trusted method aims to impact, inspire, and innovate at every stage of the process.

Unlock Your Potential: From Mediocre to Marvellous

Experience a transformative partnership that combines clinical expertise with strategic business know-how, ensuring your success from every angle.

We are the only business transformation consultancy that provides a unique blend of strategic expertise, clinical knowledge, and business development savvy, ensuring that all your needs are not only met but surpassed.

What sets us apart is our first-hand experience as former owners and operators of dental practices and cosmetic skin clinics – we’ve walked in your shoes and conquered the challenges you face. Trust us to uncover untapped potential, streamline operations, boost profitability, and enhance patient satisfaction.

Sculpt Your Vision: From Ideas to Targeted Strategies

Convert concepts into targeted and effective strategies, providing you with a clear and precise roadmap to success.

The Jayne Sproson Method is designed to transform your vision into a laser-focused, market-savvy reality. Whether your goals are grand or humble, we specialise in refining and amplifying your ideas, crafting the most advanced yet market-accepted strategies that will propel your practice or clinic to new heights. Alongside that, a tried and trusted process with unwavering support and seamless implementation ensures bringing your vibrant future to life, right now.

Relief & Reignition: Say Goodbye to Decision Fatigue

Let us shoulder the burdens of decision-making, responsibilities, and operations, freeing your mind to reignite your passion for dentistry.

We lift the lead weight of running a business; Invest in your success, and re-align your business strategy, with the support and follow-through, that give you the mind-space to reignite your devotion to dentistry.

We understand you have the visionary ideas and the blue-sky thinking that will change the face of your business, but perhaps you lack the time and tactical management expertise within your team to transform and implement your ideas within a business strategy that will work. That’s where we step in. Our strategic expertise will realign your business strategy, providing the support and follow-through needed to turn your dreams into reality whilst we navigate the path to success.

Discover Develop Deliver Membership Programme: The Starter Blocks For Success

Your journey begins with a Discovery Day Workshop to take you from ‘I need to do something, but what?”, to having a bespoke strategic decision-making process that paves the way to exceptional outcomes. 

Prepare to embark on a transformative journey that will redefine your business and leave a lasting legacy. Once you’re accepted into our exclusive program, we cherish and foster your business transformation as if it were our own, or that of a family member.

This next step propels you from uncertainty to soaring heights, granting you wings to achieve unprecedented success. No more floundering without a clear process or focus – it’s time to unlock your true potential and create a legacy that will stand the test of time.

Together, we’ll dive deep into developing strategies and plans that are tailor-made for your business, and then we’ll roll up our sleeves and deliver the results you desire and need.

Suitable for:

Empowering Your Manager: Crafting Smooth Operations

We will considerately coach your manager where required to take you from fear to running a business properly to a smooth operation that does not need you 24/7. 

Your manager will enjoy membership of the monthly PM Power Hour – a lifeline for overwhelmed managers. Our community of managers, many of whom are ‘accidental practice / clinic managers’, share the same pressures and expectations and gain insight and camaraderie that help them excel in their roles.

Organisational Development Planning: Your Bespoke Treatment Plan For Growth

Transition from uncertainty to effective business management through a method that continuously drives success.

Our organisational development planning is specifically tailored to address your unique needs, taking you from a place of uncertainty about effective business management to a state of confidence and clarity. We work closely with you to prescribe a method that not only transforms your current operations but continues to deliver long-lasting benefits. Consider it a gift that keeps on giving, as your business thrives and achieves sustainable growth.

Impactful Branding: Authenticity, Purpose, and Team Engagement at the Core

Work with qualified branding strategists to craft a powerful brand that resonates with your patients, connecting them to your true purpose whilst engaging your team.

As seasoned branding strategists, we possess the expertise to curate a truly impactful and authentic representation of your brand. We understand the value of maintaining your integrity while capturing the hearts and minds of your audience.

Through our strategic guidance, you’ll not only discover your true purpose but also experience the joy that comes from aligning your brand with your passion. But it doesn’t stop there. We empower you to create a purpose-led business designed to take you from ‘shark-infested waters’ into the ‘blue ocean’ that leaves competitors in your wake.

Monthly Executive Meetings: Accountability and Dynamic Collaboration

Providing clarity on budget variance reports and KPIs and ensuring progress in all areas of your business – we will champion you all the way.

Your monthly executive meetings will keep you accountable to us and vice versa making a dynamic team. We will show you the intricacies of budget variance reports and KPIs so that they become second nature rather than task avoidance. You will have a clear picture of how your plans in all areas of your business are progressing at any one time. Time ringfenced regularly to work on your business will be a habit that will be ingrained into your business calendar – the results will say it all.

Team Training: From Lacklustre to Legendary

Elevate your team’s performance with a comprehensive people strategy, fostering engagement, insights, and consistently exceptional results.

We guide your team from a state of underperformance to becoming a force of high achievement. This is a no “jolly day out” – it’s a comprehensive people strategy designed to ignite team buy-in, uncover insights, and foster a culture of consistently superior performance. With our expert team training, we’ll unlock the untapped potential within each individual, aligning their strengths and aspirations with your business goals.

From Good to Great: Propel Associate Productivity

Equip your associates with the skills to excel in every aspect of their work.

Our exclusive ‘Good to Great’ training, included in your membership, aims to skyrocket associate productivity. Say goodbye to one-tooth dentistry, the dreaded fee chat, risky record keeping, and the burden of subsidising their contribution to your business.

With our transformative training, your associates will become powerhouses of precision, and professionalism. Together, we’ll eliminate complaints and redefine excellence in your practice or clinic.

Streamlining Success: Internal Excellence with Effortless Optimisation

Curate the systems and processes that result in seamless collaboration, allowing you to take a bird’s-eye view of your business at any given time.

Internal optimisation is a given with your membership– an easy-to-understand and access IT directory that will also build your data room ready for any sale, a team who delivers 5* customer care whose conversion rates are second to none – the right people, doing the right thing at the right time.

What You Need To Do…

Get In Touch.

Are you ready to revolutionise your business and unlock its full potential? Join us today and experience the transformative power of The Jayne Sproson Method.

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What success is to you (this creates your vision which is unique to you).

Business - The Jayne Sproson Consultancy


The obstacles (We consider culture, leadership, patient plans, team, systems, structure, talent, budget and environment).

Business - The Jayne Sproson Consultancy


The strategy (strategic decision making will underpin the writing of the strategy and give you and your stakeholders clear direction).

Business - The Jayne Sproson Consultancy


Clinical activity (not ability) for ethical profitability (do the right thing).

Business - The Jayne Sproson Consultancy


Your strategy with you (a dynamic document that is used for future progress meetings).

Business - The Jayne Sproson Consultancy


Done with you, not for you.

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Your business development budget and resources.

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Your team effectively (for performance and satisfaction allow delegation).

Business - The Jayne Sproson Consultancy


Your systems for productivity, future proofing, user friendly logistics.

Business - The Jayne Sproson Consultancy


Your practice culture to objectives – marketing might be everything but Culture over everything.

Business - The Jayne Sproson Consultancy


The results and profits – we are all in this together – we are accountable and need to be agile.

Your Success

Your definition of success will be different to other Practitioners therefore one size does not fit all! Let’s get Started!

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