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  • Partnership conflict – no shared vision
  • Team not engaged
  • Associates planning to establish her own clinic
  • No accountability for back office
  • Internal tensions and associate behaviour not GDC aligned
  • No robust systems
  • Team undervalued
  • Poor KPIs
  • No evaluation of marketing spend
  • An inconsistent patient journey between clinicians
  • Lack of investment in public and clinical areas
  • Turnover decreasing
  • Turnover of staff increasing
  • An unhappy atmosphere that patients noticed
  • Patient complaints too high


Re structured clinic to maximise efficiency and performance including people, roles, finance and systems and processes.

Brand review and business planning for shared partnership purpose, vision and mission.

Marketing strategy and implementation to increase new patients and average patient spend.

Team training and development programme delivered over 3 years.

Developed an aesthetic stand-alone division within the clinic.

Robust communication policy including monthly executive meetings for Senior Management Team.


  • Turnover increased by 27% in 12 months
  • Profitability increased from 14% to 27% in 12 months
  • Created aesthetic patient base in 8 months to break even
  • Practice became ‘go to’ top of mind practice for press and patients
  • Partner sold for a premium to third party
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