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  • Dysfunctional partnership
  • No embedded systems
  • Lack of reporting and controls
  • No financial controls
  • The proportion of patients on the clinical director’s patient base too large
  • Buying, merchandising and stock control not successful


  • Branding workshop to ensure a aligned vision for partners
  • A business plan created for accountability
  • Creation of proper financial controls and review for strategic decision making
  • A commercial framework of communication policy
  • Operations manual created for team and embedded into culture for clarity, performance management and training of new hires
  • Structured financial reports linked to valuable KPIs
  • Implementation of marketing strategy
  • Identified resources needs, skill gaps and leadership requirements for consolidation and acceleration plan


  • Increased sales from other clinicians
  • Buy in from team – less absenteeism
  • Functioning partnership -less conflict and more productive
  • Responsible for Financial decision making
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"I have to say, I had a zero intention of making a conversion to private from my mixed practice when first consulting Jayne. I was doing more than OK and it provided for my family…”

Dr Dave Stone - Keynsham



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