Love me love Me Not

How to have difficult conversations with team members and still keep a happy ship?

How to become Employer of Choice?

  • Retention of team using a robust Onboarding Process
  • Finance for the Terrified
  • Learning the language of Finance
  • Knowing what numbers are important
  • How to report and evaluate on those numbers

The Private Patient Journey – Panel discussion and Q & A

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Sat, May 7, 9:30AM - 5:00PM
Location: The Manager's Hub Conference Etc Venue Marble Arch London


"Without a doubt the best ClubHouse ♣️ moderator there is out there & provides an excellent service with everything she does. Works from the heart & with real passion 👏”

Jaswinder Gill



Your Success

Your definition of success will be different to other Practitioners therefore one size does not fit all! Let’s get Started!

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