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Claire Frisby and Jayne Sproson explore the challenges within dental nursing and why dentistry is facing the ‘most devastating’ recruitment crisis in 30 years.

A dental nurse’s point of view – Claire Frisby

After many years in dentistry, I –alongside everyone else – had been finding it more and more difficult to find good experienced dental nurses (before the pandemic hit). This made things difficult as we were constantly short staffed.

As a lead implant nurse this meant training up someone who had no experience. This would take a lot of time, whilst working and doing my own job at the same time. I would put lots of time and effort into training, for them to realise they couldn’t manage it or it wasn’t for them (where I worked we had some very good nurses. We encouraged them to grow their skills and supported them however we could).

During the initial hit of the pandemic, there were lots of grumblings in the dental nurse forums. These were from mainly unhappy dental nurses, who had time to think.

Earlier this year I had written an article and mentioned ‘dental nurses getting more recognition’. This article was very popular and I knew this subject needed more attention.

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