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Jayne Sproson talks about female representation in the dental profession and details some of the experiences that female dentists are going through.

Oh the irony!

Here I am giving my views on the under representation of females in the dental world: at shows, events and board memberships – and what pops up on my calendar? It is Women’s Equality Day. They celebrate it in the USA every 26 August.

This year the theme is generation equality.

Is this just another initiative giving lip service to the idea?

There are plenty of stats available regarding the number of female dentists in the dental profession. The point is that if female dentists are proportionately higher, then why are they underrepresented in all these other areas.

Whilst I am most grateful to Seb Evans at Dentistry Online for giving me this opportunity to write about this subject, it amazes me in 2020 that this is ‘a thing’. What would Lilian Lindsay have said?

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