Kim Martin

Tactical Marketing Magician

  • Certified Branding Specialist
  • Search Engine Optimization Ninja
  • Copywriter Extraordinaire
  • Wizard of Graphic Design
  • Best in class Web Developer

Kim is a certified Brand Specialist and her unique approach to interpreting healthcare professionals’ purpose, vision, and mission into a visual identity is key to our consultancy offering.

Our aesthetic and dental clinic owners are always impressed by Kim’s depth of knowledge and expertise, her ability to produce a prolific amount of engaging content, as well as her calm and approachable manner. We are not sure how we managed in ‘pre Kim’ days.

Certified Brand Specialist Level C

Kim’s talents do not stop with marketing – she is a semi-professional singer, choral director, and arranger. When Kim is not working or creating music she is accepting of her role as a part time taxi driver for her two children Emily and Samuel.


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